LESI - Law Enforcement Services Inc.

Innovative Selection Tools

In today's competitive job market speed , accuracy, and cost efficiency are critical. LESI®'s innovative pre-employment tools quickly identify the best candidates, reducing agency funds and manpower spent on less suitable applicants. This translates into substantial savings for your department.

By targeting your department's selection efforts towards the most qualified applicants, you can concentrate on those who are most likely to complete training and succeed on the job.

onlinePHQ®, our internet based, personal history questionnaire, organizes, analyzes, and expedites background investigations.

Our Multidomain Screening Report™ combines psychometric measures of cognitive and interactive abilities (personality) with background based biodata (from onlinePHQ®) into a single prediction of suitability.

Together, onlinePHQ®and Multi Domain Screening Reports™ improve efficiency and reduce selection costs by combining data from multiple domains simultaneously and gathering that data into easy to understand reports that focus on the most suitable candidates.