LESI - Law Enforcement Services Inc.

OnlinePHQ Reports

onlinePHQ® generates 4 reports containing personal history, background information and biodata:

The Background Investigators' Report is the comprehensive compilation of the applicants' responses to all relevant questions in the onlinePHQ®. This is the primary document to which investigators should refer to obtain detail about items noted on all the other reports. The data is organized into sections as follows:

Section 1 - Identifying Information - contains name, SSN, etc.

Section 2 - Additional Identifying Information - contains detailed information regarding residences, parents and siblings, driver's license information, etc.

Section 3 - Education - contains all educational information provided by the applicant.

Section 4 - Employment History - employment information for the past 10 years.

Section 5 - Military History - Only applicants who indicate a history of service will complete these questions.

Section 6 - Marital Status, Family information - contains information regarding marriage, children, etc.

Section 7 - Legal

7.1 Traffic
7.2 Integrity, etc. (employee integrity plus civil litigation)
7.3 Criminal Offenses
7.3.1 dispositions, probations, incarcerations, etc.
7.3.2 All criminal incidents, regardless of disposition

Section 8 - Substance Use

8.1 Tobacco and Alcohol
8.2. 1 Drug overview:
8.2.2 Marijuana
8.2.3 Cocaine
8.2.4 Speed
8.2.5 PCP
8.2.6 Crack and "hard drugs"
8.2.7 Hallucinogens
8.2.8 other drugs not listed

Section 9 - Applications to Other Agencies

Section 10 - Other Legal - includes incidents of domestic violence

Section 11 - Additional Comments, Explanations, and Clarifications - this section contains comments and corrections made by the applicant after reviewing their verification report. Background investigators should make note of these comments prior to interviewing and/or evaluating this data.

The Life Events Report
This is a summarization of the information submitted by the applicant. The pertinent data is organized into "life events". Life event data, includes a "begin and end date" for the event(s) in question as well as the frequency of these events (if applicable). Background investigators may use this report to review a "snapshot" of the applicant's background, and/or identify pertinent issues prior to conducting their interview.

Critical Items Report
This report contains two types of information:

a. Critical Items: Are items, which have been directly linked, through research, to specific negative job outcomes in law enforcement.
b. Negative indicators: Are items, which although linked to negative outcome have not, as yet, been empirically validated (they are not used to calculate the biodata indices) used to make predictions. Nonetheless, they are identified as items for follow up.

Verification Report
Applicants are required to electronically sign and submit a "verification report" upon completion of onlinePHQ®.