LESI - Law Enforcement Services Inc.

Mission & Purpose

LESI® (Law Enforcement Services, Inc.) is a professional consulting firm serving law enforcement, corrections and public safety agencies. We are dedicated to development and delivery of scientifically valid, innovative and cost efficient products and services. We represent the current state of the art in employment selection, promotional assessment, customized personnel research and specialized personnel support.

LESI® has developed a variety of innovative selection and assessment instruments and programs for the law enforcement, criminal justice, and public safety markets. We also design and execute specialized training and development programs as well as customized personnel research and support programs.

LESI® was incorporated in 1988, from the professional practice of Michael J. Cuttler, Ph.D. who has provided these services to law enforcement agencies since 1982, and Ellen B. Cuttler, who serves as President of LESI® and oversees all administrative and marketing functions of the organization. We currently serve over800 client agencies in 17 states.

Our Expertise Includes:

  • Pre-employment assessment and selection programs
  • Promotional assessment and selection process design
  • Validation studies and specialized research.

Partner Agencies

Whether you're a metropolitan law enforcement agency, sheriffs department, or private security department, LESI® helps you recruit, train and retain the best employees...