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Multi Domain ReportsReports

The Multi Domain Screening™ Report combines life history and biodata with results of psychometric tests (cognitive/educational and personality/interactive abilities) into a single document that can be used in the earliest stages of the hiring process.

The Multi Domain Screening™ report integrates data from the three domains:

1. Cognitive Ability/Educational Potential
2. Background/Life History
3. Interactive/Interpersonal Abilities

The report is used in the earliest stages of the selection process. Candidates are placed into one of three suitability categories. Within each category, the report identifies negative indicators within specific areas. The report also makes training and job performance predictions based on statistical comparison of each applicant's data to our research database.

Candidates are placed into one of the following three categories:

Category 3
Minimum standards are met. While a minor negative indication may exist, testing shows that the candidate should satisfactorily complete the application process, and should have satisfactory job performance.
Category 2
Numerous minor negative factors are indicated in testing. While the candidate may be suitable, performance is likely to be marginal.
Category 1
Major contra-indication is suggested by the testing. There is a significant likelihood that the candidate will not successfully complete the application process, training and/or will perform unsatisfactorily.

    Within each category, the Multi Domain Screening™ Report also identifies negative indicators in the following areas:
  • Background
  • Intelligence
  • Education
  • Work History
  • Personality
  • Honesty & Integrity

The Multi Domain Screening™ Report also contains specific "on the job" performance predictions. These predictions are based on our published research and compare each applicant's biodata and psychometric test scores to our research database. Based on this information, the LESI® Multi Domain Screening™ Report predicts probability of the following outcomes:

Selection Process Success - passing all stages of the typical law enforcement employment process (aptitude, oral board, background, suitability and being placed on an eligibility list.

Completion of Training and/or Probation - selected from eligibility list, employed, successfully completing academy and field training, remaining employed for 12 months (subsequent to training) without significant performance problems.

Disciplinary Action/Job Dysfunction - experienced disciplinary action (multiple reprimands, brief suspensions, suspensions >3 days, terminations) for specific job related infractions such as lateness/attendance, conduct, integrity, use of force.

Each report can be customized to suit your agency's special needs. An extensive list of negative indicators are identified through the onlinePHQ® and highlighted for background investigators, assuring consistent scrutiny of critical life events.

    Our innovative and time-saving, Multi Domain system reduces costs while increasing the speed and accuracy of your selection process. With the Multi Domain Screening™ system you can:
  • target the most suitable candidates.
  • defer less suitable applicants.
  • concentrate on those applicants who are most likely to complete training and perform satisfactorily.