LESI - Law Enforcement Services Inc.

Multi Domain Screening

The LESI® Multi-domain Assessment System is an innovative, patent pending pre-employment assessment system that is redefining the pre-employment hiring process for law enforcement and public safety officers. Developed to be used in conjunction with other assessment tools (i.e. background investigations, physical agility test, polygraph), it addresses applicant suitability for a career in law enforcement. Based on published and peer reviewed scientific research, the Multi-domain Assessment System combines actuarial prediction methods with Internet technology to identify the most suitable job candidates quickly and objectively. Law enforcement, public safety and criminal justice agencies from around the country are using this screening tool to lend accuracy, speed and efficiency to their hiring process.

In traditional methods of assessment, each domain is assessed individually and advancement in the hiring process is dependent upon the ability to test well in each domain. This approach leaves open the possibility that a single poor "score" can eliminate an otherwise suitable candidate.

    To address this limitation, LESI® developed the Multi-domain Assessment Process that assesses all three domains simultaneously. Applicants for positions in law enforcement and public safety have been assessed in three general areas or domains:
  • cognitive/educational potential assessments measure cognitive or thinking skills linked to tasks such as report writing, successful training academy performance, etc.
  • background/life history measures are often derived from self report of life events and subsequently verified through background investigation and review
  • interpersonal effectiveness assessments are typically derived through personality tests and predict performance on tasks requiring interactive ability such as oral communication, interpersonal judgment and control, etc.

LESI® research (based on the LESI® applicant database containing more than 40,000 assessments) has identified various combinations of life history events and test scores within these domains that are predictive of specific job outcomes (i.e. failure to complete training, conduct related disciplinary action, termination, etc.). Since these domains contribute more or less equally to job performance, it is important to assess all three of these domains in order to identify the most suitable applicants.

Competition is intense for the most highly qualified candidates, so speed and efficiency of processing is critical. Generally, agencies evaluate applicants "serially" (only those applicants who do well on the first measure advance to the next step). Since "serial" processing requires more time than our simultaneous process, suitable applicants may accept employment elsewhere before the selection process is complete.

LESI® Multi Domain Assessment model evaluates performance ability in the domains simultaneously rather than "serially." This approach improves the speed and accuracy of the selection process.

Presenting an innovative approach to the hiring process, the LESI® Multi Domain Assessment model evaluates candidates in all three domains independently, and compiles the scores into a single measure. This improves predictive accuracy and minimizes adverse impact while greatly enhancing the speed and efficiency of the selection process.

All information is gathered into the concise and easy to understand Multi Domain Screening Report. This document combines background information from the onlinePHQ® with the results of psychometric assessments in the other two domains, into an organized and concise report that can be used in the earliest stage of the hiring process.

LESI® proven methods of pre-employment screening have earned the respect of clients throughout the United States. Our Multi Domain Screening process delivers objective recommendations in a timely, cost-effective manner. LESI® streamlines your hiring process, allowing you to concentrate on only the most promising, capable candidates.