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  • Q.
    What does onlinePHQ® stand for and how can it help my department?

    A. onlinePHQ® stands for online personal history questionnaire. It's an internet based electronic questionnaire, completed by applicants and submitted to the department prior to initiation of a pre employment background investigation.

    Most background investigations start with personal history information supplied by the applicant. Usually, this information is collected in a lengthy paper and pencil form. onlinePHQ® collects the same information as a paper and pencil form but the information will be much more accurate, complete, and organized.

    When applicants fill out paper and pencil questionnaires, they often fail to answer important questions and/or leave off important information. Important questions (e.g. drug use, arrests, disciplinary actions, etc.) cannot be omitted or left blank.The questionnaire also requires candidates to provide explanations to explain their admissions. Once again, these explanations are required (can not be left blank).

    Once the personal history information is entered, onlinePHQ® analyzes the information, extracts critical items and identifies negative indicators for investigator follow up. Investigators also receive a comprehensive background investigators report, containing all personal history information.This process helps to expedite background investigations and assures that pertinent issues are addressed prior to polygraph examination or background review.

  • Q.
    How do onlinePHQ® and the Multi domain Screening Report™ work together to improve the hiring process?

    A. Most pre employment screening programs assess applicants’ backgrounds, cognitive skills, and interpersonal characteristics (we call these three areas “domains”) using separate instruments. Typically, only candidates who “pass” one measure (e.g., cognitive skills) go on to the next stage of the assessment. This “linear” approach can slow down the selection process. More importantly, potentially good applicants can get screened out due to their performance in a single domain.

    The Multi Domain Screening process combines these three measures into a single report. Typically, applicants complete onlinePHQ® prior to attending a testing session at your agency. The results of these tests (cognitive skills, personality, and interactive characteristics) are then combined into a single measure of applicant suitability. (note: testing can also occur prior to completion of onlinePHQ® LESI® will work with your agency to accommodate the process to fit your needs).

    Combining measures of cognitive ability, personality, interactive characteristics with background information will make your hiring process faster, more accurate, and better organized while maintaining the exemplary levels of predictive validity and adverse impact.

  • Q.
    Are Multi Domain suitability predictions valid? How about adverse/disparate impact on specific groups?

    A. The predictive validity of LESI® multi domain screening predictions is based on both published (peer reviewed) and proprietary research performed on our database of over 40,000 applicants. Since suitability predictions are based on the combination of three domain scores (rather than the score on any single instrument), adverse impact on specific groups is particularly favorable (typical selection ratios have been in the range of .79 - .94 for batches of 150-1500 applicants tested since 1999). For detailed technical information regarding validity and adverse impact please contact LESI®.

  • Q.
    How do the costs of LESI®’s innovative selection tools compare to the costs of traditional assessment services?

    A. LESI® ‘s innovative selection tools are designed to be cost effective for most agencies. Background investigations, polygraph and interview processes are typically the most expensive, and time-consuming aspects of the hiring process. LESI®’s onlinePHQ® and Multi Domain Screening process quickly and inexpensively identifies candidates with the highest suitability (probability of successful hire, training, and retention) so that fewer candidates are subjects of manpower intensive investigation and assessment. One typical LESI® client achieved cost savings in excess of 20 % when compared to the traditional pre employment assessment program they had utilized in the past (based on assessment of 2000 applicants per year). For agency specific pricing information, please contact LESI®.